If you’re a photography enthusiast keen to make the most of a vacation, Sima Safari, are the perfect answer. Meticulously designed to generate not only a myriad of photo opportunities but also a wholesome experience, we are simply the best way in which to explore a place with a camera, with professional photographers, whose knowledge of the place is immense and love for it intimate.

  • Carefully planned to maximize photo opportunities
  • Led by professional photographers
  • Hands-on photography assistance in the field
  • Extensive learning off-field
  • Image-reviews, post-processing and presentations
  • Photography equipment available on rent
  • Post-Tour guidance, advice and assistance
  • Cultural photograph
  • Wild animals photography
  • Birds photography.

Photography is a fairly individual pursuit. It demands time and patience as well as an in depth knowledge of local conditions and the subject, especially when your lens is trained on a wild creature. Keen photographers are often restrained on a general safari – they lack the freedom to stake out a waterhole for hours or wait patiently for a lion pride to catch up with a herd of buffalo. They often need a particularly experienced guide to keep them informed of the likely movement and behavior of the wildlife they are observing. The perfect safari, from a photographer’s point of view, is one that balances patient observation of the details with a sharp eye for dramatic opportunities.

Tanzania Holiday Planning Guide

7 – Days Safari Following the Great Migration and the Big 5(Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Rhinoceros and Buffalos)

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