Zanzibar is a flat, palm-clad coral atoll surrounded by a shallow warm sea. Zanzibar is a paradise beach holiday vacation destination off the coast of east Africa”

Water temperatures average between 25 and 29 degrees C and visibility ranges from 20m to 60m (200ft). With conditions like this the world of Big ‘Marine’ Game will clearly be in view!

Zanzibar is an extremely interesting island with Stone Town the only functioning ancient town in East Africa. Stone Town is a World Heritage Site with loads of history and culture. Zanzibar offers a large array of accommodation, from budget options to luxury.

There are also plenty of bars, restaurants and activities on Zanzibar to keep you occupied. From swimming with the dolphins, long deserted idyllic beaches, sailing, deep-sea game fishing, cultural tours and spice plantations – Zanzibar is just another example of why you should consider Africa for your next yacht charter holiday.

Zanzibar’s coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world, but sand and surf vary depending on what side of the island you’re on. On the east coast, waves break over coral reefs and sand bars offshore, and low tide reveals small pools of starfish, small minnows, and anemones. Up north, ocean swimming is much less susceptible to the tides, and smooth beaches and white sand make for dazzling days in the sun.

Where to Sleep

Zanzibar has excellent hotels, both in Stone Town and on the beaches.  We always recommend that visitors combine a short stay in Stone Town. to explore the history  and architecture of the isles’ cultural heart, with a stay on one of the beautiful Indian Ocean beaches.  The east coast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja) features several establishments on the beach, ranging from small and intimate properties to larger resort outfits. Sima Safari facilitates booking on different hotels with best deals.

Where to Eat

With Zanzibar known as the ‘Spice Islands’, it’s little surprise that spices play an important role in the cuisine here.  With African, Arab, Goan, Indian and Chinese influences, traditional food is truly a fusion experience.  Most restaurants feature spices in their menus although there are also Italian, Thai and other international establishments for those looking for something a little closer to home!


Dolphin Tour

This is the trip to the southern point of the island with a chance to swim with dolphins

Jozani Forest Tour

Jozani natural forest reserve is home of rare Red Colobus Monkeys, Syke’s Monkeys, Small buck and Bush pigs.

Prison Island Tour

Fringed with beautiful coral reefs, it is ideal for snorkeling and sun-bathing. Also is a home to a family of rare giant tortoise.

Safari Blue Tour

A full day excursion using locally made traditional sailing Dhow of 8-10 meters long

Spice Tour

The history of Zanzibar would not complete without cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, paper and other spices.

Stone Town tour

The capital of Zanzibar, is steeper in history and an outstanding example of cultural fusion and harmonization. A fascinating architecture which consists a hybrid mix of Arabic, Indian, European and African influences.



The marine activites in Zanzibar include;

Deep Sea Fishing

Marine Activities

Scuba diving

Water Sports

Zanzibar Archipelago

Surrounding Zanzibar are a further 20 different islands to explore including Mnemba Island, Changuu Island, Bawe Island, Chumbe Island and many more!

Menai Bay – Miwi, Nianembe, Kwale Islands

The small islands of Miwi, Nianembeand  Kwale are protected in the Menai Bay. From the yacht you can often see dolphins. On the islands you will find  exposed sandbars, providing a pristine beachs, perfect for relaxation. The sea around the islands is very good for snorkeling. When the tide is low it’s possible to walk around the island, exploring the rock pools where juvenile fish and a myriad of crabs, shellfishes, starfishes, oysters and other invertebrates exist in the ever-changing environment of the intertidal region.

Menai Bay has become increasingly famous for its dolphins. So popular that it has been nicknamed “the 1000 dolphins bay”. These friendly creatures are so accustomed to human presence that it is frequently possible to swim right in the middle of a numerous school.

Situated on the southern point of the Zanzibar island, Kizimkazi fishing village is also the site of a 12th century mosque, the earliest evidence of Islam in East Africa, and is thus worth a visit for both natural and cultural reasons.

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